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Ishikawa Kanazawa

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“Medetakigo Castle” Kanazawa, built by the Maeda family leading by Toshiie and Matsu.

“Medetaki(Auspicious) Castle” Kanazawa, built by the Maeda family leading by Toshiie and Matsu.
写真Kanazawa was the main base of "Kaga Hyakumangoku", the town where Toshiie Maeda formed the foundation as the first generation appointed by Hideyoshi. Toshiie was a warrior loved by Nobunaga Oda, and supported the Toyotomi administration as the "Five Great Elders" trusted by Hideyoshi, the successor of Nobunaga. When Toshiie died, Ieyasu Tokugawa made an explicit plan to destroy the Maeda family. However, Toshiie's wife Matsu (Hoshunin) became a hostage herself to fight back Ieyasu Tokugawa. Kaga Domian continued for fourteen generations until the end of the Tokugawa period. Being fertile and peaceful, Maeda Domain naturally developed a unique samurai and townsman culture. Excellent artisan appeared in pottery and tea confectionery that were served at Noh ・Kyogen or tea ceremony. Moreover, cultures such as wearing Kaga Yuzen and Japanese clothing accessories to tea ceremony (salon) also appeared. In Kanazawa, enrich with such culture, you can catch a glimpse of the substantial life of the samurai and the townspeople in the streets.

Toshiie Maeda and Matsu写真
At the time being called “Yari no Mataza” and vigorous, Toshiie killed a friend to destroy the power. It was clashing with Nobunaga so should have led to the death penalty, but Toshiie reinstated with intercessions from people including Katsuya Shibata. There were several such lucky situations in Toshiie's life. On the other hand, maybe it was the reputation of being a conscientious person that helped himself. Toshiie was also friends with the couple who was the neighborhood with Hideyoshi when he was called Fujiyoshiro. This relationship eventually led to Toshiie becoming the lord of Kanazawa Castle, and was appoint to the Five Great Elders under the Toyotomi administration. After Hideyoshi's death, as a conscientious person, Toshiie endeavoured to support Hideyori, the second generation of Toyotomi family. However, that made Ieyasu uneasy, and he made an explicit plan to defeat Maeda. After Toshiie passed away, his wife Matsu (Hoshunin) made up her mind to become a hostage, moving down to Edo, and the 2nd generation Toshiie protect the Kaga Domain from ruin. Toshiie's wife and son must love Toshiie and his life.

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